Floral Arrangements for Weddings and Parties

Fresh Flowers is your source for garden-fresh bouquets and custom-designed floral arrangements for your house, business, or special event. Owner and designer Johanna Carrington brings you 25 years of experience in interior design, landscape painting, event planning… and a life-long passion for gardening.

These talents combine to make unique floral designs that go beyond the ordinary.

Arranging and growing flowers is a talent Carrington learned at the hands of her mother, a British transplant who nurtured her love of roses into a business planting and tending roses for other enthusiasts in Richmond, Virginia.

Nature inspires Carrington’s whimsical designs. “I look for things in season and try to integrate seed pods or local fruits for interest and an element of surprise. I love to make people wonder a little bit!” Carrington’s work is grounded in tried-and-true influences, such as still life paintings by Dutch masters, the English countryside of architect Edwin Lutyens, and the timeless, exuberant charm of interior designers Sister Parish and Charlotte Moss.